Biophilic Elements

What is Biophilia?

In Design and Architecture, the philosophy and principles of Biophilia – Bio [life] philia [lover] – has become an architectural framework inspired by the natural world that weaves the connection of nature into the built environment to strengthen the human-nature connection that we all yearn for.

The biophilia effect proves that humans long for a connection with nature. Biophilic design elements should stimulate more than just our visual senses, offering a multi-sensorial experience through elements such as natural materials, transparent viewpoints, warm and inviting color palettes and natural light. CARVART’s rose colored glass, Mirage, paired with custom couture glass with textured interlayers and antiqued mirrors create subtle and peaceful visual movements reflective of nature. 

Incorporating soft and elegant transparent materials create levels of privacy for a feeling of calm and refuge that can reduce stress, blood pressure levels and heart rates and increase a person’s overall well-being. CARVART’s transparent and reflective fluted and cast glass brings a fresh and natural feel reminiscent of the earth’s habitat.

The use of biophilic inspired art as an integral part of a space is a major trend that continues to grow. The days of small art pieces hung on the wall or sporadically sprinkled throughout a built environment are becoming less so, while larger scaled patterns and imagery provide an effective means for positive distractions and a sense of peace. CARVART’s custom designed floral glass pattern has varying textures and visual depth that create an inspirational replica of cherry blossoms. The soothing blush, rose and burgundy tones bring a warm and realistic aesthetic.