Kirei And Wall Panel Systems, Inc. Join Forces

Kirei and Wall Panel Systems, Inc. (WPS) have formed a partnership to launch a groundbreaking series of systems that enable uniform mounting of acoustic panels with a variety of reveals between panels. Available now, the new kit allows for easy and attractive installation of Kirei’s celebrated EchoPanel product line, which is made by Woven Image and distributed exclusively […]

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Installation Inspirations featuring B+N

B+N IN SITU: A SERIES OF INSTALLATION INSPIRATIONS Family Friendly A Healthcare Center in a 60’s-Era Building Gets a Colorful Upgrade. Mood-elevating color, emotionally-charged imagery, and sound-modulating privacy are all achieved through System 1224. Upholstered Panels, tall Privacy Walls and magnetic graphics on Wall-Mounted System 1224 all combine to uplift a mundane space to a friendly […]

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