Innovative Glass

Since 2003, Innovative Glass Corp has devoted substantial research, development, engineering and manufacturing resources to completely redefine the properties of glass. Through our own proprietary eGlass solutions, powered exclusively with eGlass® brand technology, we integrate glass with electronics and other Dynamic Glazing technologies to give the user control over functions such as light, privacy, sun glare and heat gain — automatically, at the touch of a button, or by voice command.

With installations worldwide that range from the simplest single residential bedroom or bathroom window to the most complex installations for some of the world’s most prestigious companies and institutions, Innovative Glass today is considered the premier and most technologically capable supplier of electronic glass. We are your full-service, one-stop, diversified resource for smart glass solutions of all kinds, for windows, doors, skylights, partition systems, curtain walls, atria and more — not solely our own revolutionary products, but also for some of the industry’s most exciting and emerging technologies.

In fact, we’ve created the world’s most sophisticated, extensive and immersive hands-on smart glass engagement showroom at our corporate headquarters in Plainview, NY — bringing architects, contractors, glaziers and consumers in touch with the revolution of eGlass and its complementary Dynamic Glazing technologies.

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