Natural Infused Surfaces

TorZo has mastered the art of infusion, which gives our products unique beauty, proven performance and durability.  Recycled wood and agricultural products (hemp, sorghum, and wheat) are used to produce composite panels, or boards, in a variety of designs and gauges.  These panels are infused with acrylic polymer and dyes, in assorted radiant colors, using our proprietary infusion process at TorZo’s Woodburn, Oregon factory.  TorZo panels are then machined, fabricated and coated by local millworkers to the Architect's/ Designer's specifications. The topcoat, which is applied by the fabricator in the field, provides both added protection and dimensional depth.  This results in TorZo's unique beauty, proven performance and durability, while maintaining a clear focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship.



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