Scoring GREEN in Design and Acoustical Performance -KIREI

Maximus Architectural Solutions is excited to feature KIREI this month as our All-Star Partner


To kick off college football season, we wanted to welcome KIREI into the starting lineup at MAXIMUS Architectural Solutions. We are thrilled with KIREI’s training in the off-season, and we can’t wait to see the performance of their EchoPanel collection to leading to the playoffs.

KIREI is providing solutions for acoustical control and architectural design with unique wall and ceiling attached acoustical elements. EchoPanel collection provides creative, colorful, and modern solutions for absorbing sound with many portfolio options and custom designs.

By collecting and re-purposing over 80 million plastic bottles, KIREI was able to produce a product that reduced sound while also being ecologically responsible. Their acoustical materials are completely recyclable at end of life. KIREI has raised the standard for green solutions in the acoustics realm and is completely Red List Free.

Today, you can find KIREI featured in many different applications. Whether you are looking for a design element for a wall, ceiling, or office partition, KIREI can be integrated into any spaceseamlessly.

Please contact me today to discuss how KIREI can be utilized in your designs projects!


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Mell Gage Smith