Summer colors – The Shipyard Bluenose Collection by Timberwall

Timberwall + Inspired



Timberwall Shipyard Bluenose planks LR


The SHIPYARD collection is rich in textures, colors and will make you think of the hull of the boat steering through waves, mooring to the most beautiful harbours, fighting through storms or sailing under sunny skies. 

Made of 100% dried pine wood, stained with the spirit of the sea, for creative interior application design unique as are each voyages.

Technical information – each box contains 16 pieces and covers 10.3 sq.ft. – planks are 31 1/2” x multi-width 8 pcs of 2” and 8 pcs of 3 15/16” x 3/8” and 11/16” thick 

Timberwall Shipyard Bluenose Coffee Shop1 LR

Timberwall Shipyard Bluenose Coffee Shop4 LR

Timberwall Shipyard Bluenose swatch LR2

Timberwall Shipyard Bluenose Coffee Shop5 LR

 Note: Color may vary from screen representation. Multiple wood stain color arrangements in each and every box. 


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