The Faux Green Wall Trend by VistaGreen

Artificial Green

Artificial Green Wall Trend Sees Big Increase. Why Quality Matters.


 According to news outlets nationwide, local lawn care providers and nurseries are seeing a boost in inquiries and purchases surrounding faux greening. The zero-maintenance landscape has it’s benefits, here’s why quality manufacturing matters so much in this emerging landscape world. 


UV Protection

A quality polymer with high-level UV protection, testing, and manufacturing to strict ISO 9001 standards will mean the difference between a faded, lack-luster wall with purples turning blue and teal and variegated varieties bleaching out altogether. Higher quality UV formulas are more expensive, an artificial living wall designed with a 10-15 year life span isn’t a part of the landscaping budget to skimp on.



Natural Growth Pattern

Many emerging options include a one-pattern planted system which is easily detected at any scale upon installation. VistaFolia is the only replica living wall with patent-pending plant logic three-panel system and finishing foliage ensuring each wall looks unique and repetition is never detectable, ensuing a truly seamless, natural-planted look.


Freeze Thaw & Extreme Heat

Be sure to choose a wall system that has passed rigorous freeze/thaw testing to keep plants from becoming brittle after a cold winter. Inferior, low-cost systems without the high-quality polymer formula can shed massively after winter leaving a barren wall in desperate need of replacement.



Fire Rating & Protection

VistaFolia’s fire rating leads the industry ensuring adherence to the strictest of codes and the safety of occupants. A quick laymen’s test easily shows the difference in inferior, low-cost alternatives.

Perfecting Artificial Plant Design
VistaFolia’s R&D facility in London is an Incubator for designing new green wall plant varieties. Paul Alder’s team applies decades of horticulture expertise to recreate the beauty of nature from stem to tip. Each variety below is designed from the stem up and then rigorously tested to meet stringent UV and Fire Rating standards. VistaFolia firmly believes the success of the brand depends on continuing to pursue perfection in artificial plant design and technologies to produce impeccable artificial foliage walls.

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