Introducing Greenmood

This month Maximus is delighted to announce the addition of Greenmood to our elite portfolio of architectural specialties. Greenmood designs and creates “green walls”, screens and ceiling elements with 100% natural preserved moss plants.  These “green walls” require no maintenance whatsoever thanks to a unique preservation process. The elements carry both the aesthetic and acoustic […]

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Introducing… ACOUFELT

EXPANDING FRACTURE DESIGNS EQUALS MORE SOUNDSCAPING POSSIBILITIES Crescent Fracture Tile in Pistachio Create spectacular full-scale patterns of rich color, depth, shadow, and texture with our Fracture modular acoustic tiles. These geometric designs are beveled onto square and rectangular tiles, made from FilaSorb, and were created for versatile designs and installation. Contrast Fracture Tile in Metal Plaza

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Back to School with Torzo

Caldera High School Bend, Oregon Parda Natural Back to School with TorZo State-of-the-art design in Oregon High Desert Bend, OR – Bright and open spaces promote collaboration, connection, and group interaction in burgeoning Bend’s first high school in two decades. The 255,000 SF “school of the future” boasts 60 classrooms and adaptable, functional spaces to

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Biophilic Elements

What is Biophilia? In Design and Architecture, the philosophy and principles of Biophilia – Bio [life] philia [lover] – has become an architectural framework inspired by the natural world that weaves the connection of nature into the built environment to strengthen the human-nature connection that we all yearn for. The biophilia effect proves that humans

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Exceptional Sound Masking

This month we are featuring LOGISON – our exceptional solution for “sound masking”. We have small installations of 1,500 square feet up to four floors in Birmingham. Masterful planning, small zones and professional tuning were key aspects of these highly successful installations. It would be our pleasure to arrange a site visit to demonstrate the

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