Innovation in Architectural Design

Though we know the last year has been a ‘gong-show’ with work from home, delayed projects, and changed/evaporated meetings, we wanted to let you know that we are here, re-invigorated, and ready to help. We have a technical crew on hand, a stocked and active sample distribution department, and a whole lot of passion for what we do. With tremendous respect, and appreciation for you! 


Pete Nichols 

President and Founder

Looking for an impact surface that goes beyond beautiful? We are innovators that combine and compile European manufacturing with high-end design, to create products that are better than others and by default are ‘sustainable.’ That is what Sustainable Materials does! To recap some of our innovations:

Organic Blocks – color-infused molded cork, that are both decorative and sound absorptive. 

New Patterns: We recently added 4 more patterns within the Organic Cork STRIPS series here.

Concrete Flex

Concrete Flex – a thin and flexible concrete veneer that is waterproof, impermeable, and with limitless applications. 

New Patterns: We now offer 10 colors, from a vibrant Ice Blue and Yellow Curry to the traditional concrete hues.

Primecork (introducing PREMIUM) – larger format dual-veneer conglomerated cork tiles (in standard thickness but also now available in 9mm thick for ‘bulletin-board’ material). 

New Patterns: We recently added 12 new colors under the Premium line – adding metallic and other rich-trending visuals.

“Fire-rated option”: now available in a Class ‘B’ fire-rated formulation (in ‘sprinkled’ assemblies, equates to a Class ‘A’). 

New Thickness: now available in a thicker, 9mm version, for a tackboard installation on any wall application – offering design and function in one.

We invite you to check out our partner and sister-entity, Sustainable Flooring (, as they continue to bring sustainable global flooring innovations to market. With a ‘double threat’ approach to developing ‘best-in-class’ durability with sustainable manufacturing and sourcing, Sustainable Flooring is uniquely positioned on providing holistically superior products, in an industry historically marred by mis-information and sustainability practices.