Kirei And Wall Panel Systems, Inc. Join Forces

Kirei and Wall Panel Systems, Inc. (WPS) have formed a partnership to launch a groundbreaking series of systems that enable uniform mounting of acoustic panels with a variety of reveals between panels. Available now, the new kit allows for easy and attractive installation of Kirei’s celebrated EchoPanel product line, which is made by Woven Image and distributed exclusively in North America by Kirei.

EchoPanel is a decorative, acoustically absorbent panel with a felt-like finish, made from 100% PET plastic containing up to 60% post-consumer content. The product’s range of options in terms of thickness, color, pattern, and form allow for a high level of customization, yielding specialized applications that cater to projects’ unique acoustic requirements. Previously, the process of installing these tailor-made solutions in a clean fashion could be challenging and time-consuming, especially for large-scale projects such as airports, auditoriums, offices, and classrooms.

“Acoustics are an integral part of any environment, whether it be commercial, retail, hospitality, healthcare, education or residential,” said John Stein, owner and president of Kirei. “When we launched EchoPanel, the product was progressive in its acoustic quality, sustainable composition, and compliance with numerous architectural standards. Our partnership with WPS takes this a step further, adding clean, easy installation to the product’s appeal.”

Designed with modernity top of mind, the WPS hardware keeps all panels on the same plane without shimming; each style is outfitted with interlocking clips and extrusions, guiding the panels into position. This progressive new line of hardware removes the guesswork out of installing EchoPanel, leveraging the existing Shadowline, Universal Architectural, Open Reveal, and Recessed Reveal systems from WPS. The trim finish options available include Clear Satin Anodized, Bronze Anodized, Black Anodized, and Powder Coated.

The partnership enables a wide variety of designs from simple squares to geometric shapes, limited only by a design concept or panel size. The maximum individual panel size for a WPS + EchoPanel system is 47.64” x 94.44” x .47” (1200mm x 2400mm x 12mm). Panels may be arranged to cover nearly any size wall or ceiling surface.

The Facility Executive article is located here.