Skyline Design

Award-winning Decorative Glass.


We are delighted to feature Skyline Design, our decorative glass line, which won (2) prestigious Gold Awards at NEOCON 2017. The attached images highlight the exciting new series, “Transcend” , by Suzanne Tick, one of the world class designers who collaborates with us. Also featured are woven patterns in our digital glass portfolio. Designers Laura Letinsky and John Paul Morabito bring photography and weaving into dialogue, exploring the cooperative possibilities between these media. This collection also received a Best of NeoCon Gold. Skyline Design offers incredible options from our established and iconic portfolio. Sixty percent of our projects are custom etched designs.



Transcend™ by Suzanne Tick responds to changes in how we use and experience space today, as we seamlessly transition from one spatial function to the next—between interior and exterior, from public to private, from open to quiet areas.