The Logison Advantage

The LogiSon Acoustic Network uses small adjustment zones of one to three loudspeakers and offers fine control over both volume and frequency. More control means the sound will be more effective at providing masking, while easily blending into your environment. Put simply, with the LogiSon Acoustic Network, occupants will notice the masking sound less and enjoy its benefits equally across your entire space. 

The smallest zones in the industry (1 to 3 loudspeakers) maximize local control across your entire workplace. LogiSon can adjust the masking sound exactly where needed to achieve the desired sound masking spectrum (also called a curve). 

In fact, LogiSon sets the bar for volume consistency at ±0.5 dBA, ensuring that LogiSon sound masking is both effective and unobtrusive.

The LogiSon Acoustic Network offers the finest volume and equalization contols – in 0.5 dBAsteps and 1/3-octave bands – but then LogiSon takes it one step further. 

The LogiSon Acoustic Network’s compact control panel can be mounted on a wall or in an equipment closet. Wherever you locate it, you can manage the settings and zoning for a loudspeaker, a group of loudspeakers, or an entire campus- either from the panel or from a PC equipped with Acoustic Network Manager software. 

LogiSon’s 4-inch (10 cm) loudspeakers are compact, yet are still large enough to produce the low frequencies needed for comfort and to mask a wider range of noises. 

Simply connect a source (such as your telephone system) to the control Panel – you can page whenever and wherever you want. The paging and music functions play over the same set of loudspeakers as the sound masking. 

Smart engineering makes the LogiSon Acoustic Network a flexible solution for any space. 

System performance is monitored 24/7. If an issue occurs, the LogiSon Acoustic Network provides a warning signal- and can even send emails to designated recipients. 

Our technicians can install your sound masking system, or if you prefer, you can use your own electrical contractor.