VistaGreen Makes it Easy to Go Green

Maximus Architectural Solutions is excited to introduce VistaGreen Artificial Green Walls to our product lineup. VistaGreen works to help people achieve more through reimagined and realized green wall spaces at home, work, or in their community by producing the most realistic artificial green walls using the highest quality materials.  All projects are installed by Certified Technicians.

Paul Alder’s expertise and reputation are exemplified by the quality and durability of the VistaGreen product lineup. VistaGreen utilizes a patent-pending tri-panel system with plant organization logic to transform any space into a green space. With hyper-realistic texture, VG UV+ technology to prevent weathering, and 100% master batch color pigments, you can rest assured that VistaGreen walls will perform their living inspiration.

Contact Mell today to learn more about VistaGreen and how to bring your projects to life!