The Trick of Sound Absorption and the Treat of Design

Maximus Architectural Solutions is excited to help you fall in love with Sustainable Materials


Sustainable Materials is our Spooktacular Partner for October. We have fallen in love with their completely LEED-compliant sound reduction solution. Sustainable Materials provides mesmerizing wall solutions while maintaining an incredibly low impact on the environment.

Sustainable Materials employs cork in their design elements, providing you with a stunning green solution for reducing sound reflection in any space. Sustainable Materials has many different product categories in the Muratto line, which provides for unlimited possibilities. From Metalegane to Korkstone to Primecork, there a beautiful and sustainable finish for everyone and every space.

Metalegance and Metalegance Pure provide a large-format panel system that creates the modern and clean look of metal or concrete without losing the sound dampening effects of cork.

Organic Design Blocks and Acoustical Panels bring walls to life with texture and color. The extremely unique and custom patterns are a dream for anyone with a little imagination!

Love the aesthetic of brick, but hate the echo? Provide the intrigue and character of brick with Cork Bricks! There are different styles and designs for the brick to achieve just the look you’re shooting for.

The luxurious Korkstone is a shimmering and velvety texture that can elevate any space. With the Classic and Triangle series, this product is a dream for any designer.

Want something fun? Check out all the cool patterns Sustainable Materials has curated!

If you’d like to learn more, let’s chat about the unlimited way you can make your next design project Sustainable!


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Mell Gage Smith